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Below are testimonials and photos from buyers and their families about my wonderful Shih Tzu puppies.


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Gloria wrote about JellyBean:

Hi, Regina!

I have been visiting your website often hoping to see photos of some of your expected puppies. I am so curious to see if Blackmail has sired any beautiful black shih tzu's. (Cont'd below in next frame).


My little JellyBean is now almost two years old. She has learned to pose for my camera and tolerates being groomed and primped each day. Her temperament is perfect, and is as sweet as her name. I get so many complements on her color, size and gorgeous face. You have bred wonderful shih tzu's.

I cannot thank you enough for bringing this bundle of love into our lives.

Gloria & JellyBean !


Cindy wrote about Meli:

Happy Fourth of July Regina! I hope that you are having a nice summer and enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend. I wanted to send you a recent picture of Meili-she turned two years old in March. She is doing great and is still the sweetest puppy ever. We love her more every day!


From Rose and Lilly:


We went shooting with dad again last week

And camping and riding in the golf cart

And sometimes we just relaxed

We had fun

Mom got mad because we got dirty, look at Rose’s face

Rose and lilly
Ps I’m getting big

OUR AKC Names: The Perfect Rose and Lilly the Perfect

John wrote about his kids:

Kids this morning!!!


Cara wrote about Chang-O:


I thought I'd update with a few photos!

Chang-O and Amber have become inseparable; they are best of friends, cuddle buddies, and their own personal fight club of two.  They often think their big brothers are very silly because they will bark at cars and pedestrians, but they won't playfight.  The big boys have finally more or less accepted them, especially Sunny, who is with them in some of the accompanying pictures. 

They have the run of the backyard most of the time, and once there, they terrorize one another (plus the big boys and the humans) constantly!  This morning they stole a roll of toilet paper and sneaked it out through the dog door; it was only when I went out to find them that I discovered the theft.  The yard looked like a blizzard hit in July!  They were perched up on their hammock bed, looking at me with triumphant satisfaction:  "See how good we TPed the yard, Mommy?"

They have wonderful adventures romping around, exploring behind the tomato plants and azaleas, attacking dandelion heads, climbing the paving stones, barking at birds, and wrestling one another.  When we go for a drive, they are very good travelers, sitting quietly in their bed in the backseat and playing with their toys while the boys bark and cry to be let loose.  All the drive-through people for miles around grin at us when we drive up.

This week they will be going to visit my aunt and uncle, who would take care of them if something happened to me and my family.  I think they will charm my aunt's socks right off!  :-)

I hope you and the other dogs are doing well!

Chanda wrote about Treasure:

Hi Regina!

It’s been a while since I’ve been in touch. Treasure turned 6 years old on Monday so I thought I’d send you updated pictures of him.

Treasure is still a perfect fit for us and our lifestyle. He’s very well behaved, no behavioral issues or health issues at all, except for being a been spoiled…lol. We have a 1.5 year little boy now and they are really good together. Treasure has adjusted better to having a new little person around than I have. Our vet encouraged us to teach them both to respect each other and their things and that seemed to have worked well for us.

I hope all is well. And thanks so much for our Treasure.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Chanda and Treasure
Raleigh, NC

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Hello Regina,
Greetings from Savannah! Hope you and your family are doing well. Last summer, my boyfriend (Rick) and I broke up. It was for the best and we are still friends.
Anyway, he always called Miley "Lucky Dog" and he recently celebrated his 50th Birthday. I put together a video of Miley and sent it to him on his birthday. I thought you and your family would get a laugh or two.
I will send a condensed shorter version for your web site with not so many sleepy photos. Hope you enjoy!

***NOTE: After pressing play, select "Large Screen" at top right. No need to use push controls, just let the
video roll as the song will play twice.

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A special Smilebox from Don

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Amy wrote about Lilly:

Hi Regina

I just wanted to update you on our little Lilly. She is a true joy!! She is the best little girl. She loves to be cuddled and snuggled. We can't stand to let her be by herself at night so she sleeps next to our bed in her pet taxi. She is small enough that we can fit her blanket on one side and her potty pad on the other. Around 5 or 6am she lets me know she has to do her duty by giving me a little wimper. She is sooo smart.
Today she had to get a shot. She was a trooper and didn't wimper. I told the kids that we were going to let her relax and not pick her up much because she would be sore and probably tired. Nope that wasn't the case. She took a little nap after the shot and was ready to play and snuggle.
She has gained 5oz. She loves to eat!! She has a nice round healthy belly which she loves rubbed.
We'll send you some pics of her soon.

Sophia wrote about Marie:


I hope everything is great with you and your family.

I'm just writing to share some pictures and updates on Marie :)

Marie is now done with all her shots and she got her first hair cut
Her potty training is almost perfect. She rarely makes mistakes now. I am so proud of her.

She is friendly to all people, children and other dogs, so she is loved so much anywhere she goes.
She is even very popular at doggy day camp.

She is still tiny, maybe because she was born small? I was a bit worried about her not gaining much weight but the vet said she is in perfect health and not to worry :)
She is about 4.5 pounds.

She has brought so much happiness and warmth to my life, and we love her so much !

Hope you enjoy her photos

Thanks for bringing Marie to our life

Best regards,

Glenda wrote about Dolly & Daisy:

Dear Regina ,

They did so well in the car coming home. Not a peep out of them. My little boy received the girls fairly well. He is a little jealous and is being elusive but he is definitely interested in watching them at this point. Dolly kept circling the yard looking for you, but Daisy just settled in. I ended up sleeping on the sofa in the den with all the dogs enclosed with me. All during the night I had to take turns cuddling each of them so they would be comforted. Just like you said, poop time was early this morning before breakfast. I ended up giving Daisy and Dolly a little wet food with their dry food. Dolly got a taste of dry kibble that the little boy eats and she started gobbling it down. Had to pick it up so she wouldn’t get sick mixing kibble. It’s not puppy food and don’t think it would be good for her. My old guy just took them in stride. Doesn’t care one way or another as long as they don’t go after his food. He growled at poor little Daisy this morning and she didn’t know what to think, but she did stay away. Regina , they have the best personalities; just the sweetest little things. Right now they are pooped and taking a nap. I will certainly send pictures when I get around to taking them. Have just learned how to download from my camera….I am so computer challenged.

Thanks again for all your love and affection with your puppies and all the pictures you send along the way. It was a long wait, but well worth it. Can’t wait to show them off.

Best regards,


Joyce wrote about Oliver:

Hi Regina,

I hope you and your family are well. This video of Oliver and I was recorded a few days ago and I thought you'd like it. I was blowing on his face, a game he seems to enjoy on occasion. He's still such a great dog and I look forward to enjoying the next 12-15 years with him. He's still 10 pounds at a little over a year an a half. I hope Marina is doing well. If i'm ever out in western Metro ATL, i'd love for you to see the big boy Oliver is now.

Joyce Cavener and Oliver


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"Gettin' comfy with Amy"
Abby's 3rd birthday... celebrated at the Rose Hill Stable's Restaurant in SC

(Owned by Dave and Betty)

"Beau" owned by Debbie

Lynn wrote about Chang-O:


Beautiful pix, as always! I can't wait for June.

Chang-O had her last puppy shots today. She's been having a ball in the back yard; until we pruned the tree, she would jump up at the weeping cherry branches and almost do a back flip in the air trying to catch them! She managed to catch some that were more than two feet overhead!

She's made firm play-friends with her new brother Sunny, and Cinnamon isn't far behind. :-) I think she's been very good for them. They're even more friendly with one another than they used to be! She and Sunny chase each other around and around, growling and barking. He sometimes sounds very menacing when they do it, and I was worried at first when they started to play together, but he's been very careful not to touch her with his teeth, and after a week of that, I'm beginning to trust him more. When he gets fed up with playing, he rolls her over and holds her there with one paw until she calms down. I still always make sure that either I or my folks are there with her when she's with the boys, just in case!

I have to police them constantly so that they don't pilfer each other's variety of food. It's not hurting her, though... she's gained weight up to nearly 6.5 pounds, and when I bathed her today I could tell most of it is solid muscle. She walks with her brothers at least twice a day and she plays constantly without ever getting tired, it seems. She sleeps at night on a pallet four pillows thick, right next to my bed-- it looks just like something out of the fairy tale "The Princess and the Pea!" Only in her case it would be "pee..." we're still working on getting her trained to go outside every time. She has already learned to sit so she can have a treat, though!

I'm looking forward to her having a playmate who's closer to her size and has more of her energy and play-drive. :-) I think the boys will do great with the new puppy too, now that they've gotten used to her and know better what they should do about having a puppy around.

Just thought you might like an update. :-)

Best wishes,


Chang-O Below

Amber Below (to the left)

Cara wrote about Amber and Chang-O:


Hi! It's been a busy week since we went home with our second baby.

She is now named Amber. Chang-O is absolutely smitten with her; from the moment we got in the car, she calmed the puppy's distress over leaving home, and has been playing and sleeping with her. Amber is now her baby and her playmate and her personal property; she is obviously glad mama gave her such a wonderful new toy!

The first morning when I woke up, Amber was getting breakfast and Chang-O was lying curled on her side protectively next to the puppy, watching her eat, reaching out ever so tenderly with one paw to touch her from time to time, with a wondrous happy little expression on her face. Since then they've been inseparable. Sometimes their play gets too rough and we have to step in, but otherwise things have been fantastic. Chang-O is teaching her how to walk on the leash (she carries a loop of the baby's leash and pulls her along half the time) and where to pee (not that SHE knows where she should, but she thinks she does!) and how to pilfer food from the big boys' bowl (never mind that Amber can't chew big kibble pieces yet. ;-D She carries them around with great pride before leaving them for Chang-O to devour). Amber even learned from Chang-O how to go in and out of the dog flap! She stands up on both hind feet and throws all her weight against it over and over till the magnets let go, then clambers over the threshold. Sometimes she goes outside all by herself just because she feels like it. She is also learning to claw her way up just a few of the stairs to follow Chang-O, though she can't come down them at all yet. She is growing like a little weed! :-)

The big boys are now resigned to the whole thing in an exasperated sort of way; I think they're glad the two occupy one another most of the time with chasing and chewing and play-fighting. They were much easier to acclimate to Amber than they were to Chang-O.

I hope you and your family are doing well, including Mia! :-)


Donna wrote about Layla:

Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of Layla with you. I can't believe she is a year old now. She weighs about 10 pounds and is great in every way. She loves to play, but especially loves to go to the beach. We have already taken her several times this year. She is a boating girl!

Hope you and your family have a nice and enjoyable summer.


Julie wrote about Mee Mee:


It’s so good to hear from you. I have to tell I was chuckling as I was reading your email because Mee Mee rules the house here! She chases Cosmo around ALL DAY LONG! When he’s had enough of her nibbling on his ear or tail he hops up onto the couch where she can’t get to him! But they really seem to love each other. They nap during the day on the kitchen floor (pardon the language) butt – to –butt. It’s the cutest thing. And at night, it has become almost comical. Cosmo always has slept on the end of the bed – with his head hanging off the side practically. But Mee Mee is right up on either my or Steve’s pillow with her face right in our face. And she LOVES to lick Steve’s ear at night!! And it’s loud!!! I’ll wake up at the 3 in the morning to it and Steve is just laughing! So, we are all doing great and I love that Cosmo has a buddy. I’ve attached a picture for you – I don’t think you’ve seen this one before. Hope you are doing well. Give Newt and Maybelline a kiss from us!!


Takara and I could not let this day go by without letting you know we are thinking of you. All is going well here. I was able to find a groomer and I think we will be happy with her. She does all the grooming and her husband does all the bathing. They have 4 Shih Tzu at home and love the breed. Of course they think Takara is special and said she did great for her puppy clean up there. She just trimmed the pads of feet..nails....cleaned ears and cleaned around her bottom.
She is such a special little girl. Every time I look into her beautiful eyes I am so thrilled that I was able to find you. She is a beauty... and so very loving and playful. She is already going up and down on the stairs on the deck. We are having a hard time with the potty training...but I know that will come.
We think of you often and I go to your site to see what is new at the Rocking K. Did you ever decide on a name for Taraka's sister that you kept? I will keep checking on her and seeing if you show her.


Takara and me

Audrey wrote about Mocha:

Thank you for all the advice. She's super cute just very different
temperament from Mercy so it has been a challenge. Kind of like having
kids! lol Here are some pictures. The upside is that she and Mercy are
getting along really well.

Mocha owned by Audrey

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All of our love to you and your family,
Donna & Miley

Created by Donna Smith

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A Special Smilebox from Donna

Gloria wrote about JellyBean:

Hi, Regina,

Hope that your Easter was blessed.

I thought this photo of JellyBean might give you a chuckle. My little black dustmop is picking up all the yellow pollen as she goes for her walks. I just got in and her paws were caked with yellow pollen!

I am sure she will be happy when this pollen season ends so that I can stop washing her paws and wiping her down. Then she will go back to being totally black...without a yellow pollen tinge!

Stay well and happy,
Gloria + JellyBean

Here's a recent shot of Cosmo-he thinks my moms ottoman is his throne!

Cosmo, owned by the Knapp's

Joyce wrote about Takara:

Just wanted to drop by and say Hi...Takara is doing great. She has stolen the hearts of all who have meet her....but she has me and my husband wrapped around her finger.
She seems to be eating well. I continue to feed her the same food she was eating at your house...and will continue. I figure she is eating between 3/8 to 1/2 cup daily. I have been giving her three meals but I leave the food down until the next meal..just in case she gets hungry. As you suggested I am adding about 1/2 t. of Greek plain yogurt to each meal. I have an appointment this Thursday for her next shot.
Regina I could not be happier...she is the most amazing little girl I have seem...she just looks at you with those big brown eyes...and the world is hers. Thank you so much for breeding such great puppies.

"Takara doesn't like this McDonald's toy!"

it's on UTube
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Madelyn wrote about Ben:

Hi Regina,
Ben has been such a wonderful addition to our family, he talks, he says mama, water, and outside. We trained him with a bell to go outside so he rings the bell to go potty... very smart boy, he is supposed to be Madelyn's but he has bonded with me ALOT. We all love him and we would love to have another. If it was up to me we would get another boy..........Who is the mama and daddy of your upcoming litter in April, maybe we could get a girl from that litter, would that be a possibility? Or do you know of another breeder you would recommend us trying, I just do not feel comfortable searching the internet for a puppy. Please let me know your thoughts.....
I look forward to hearing from you
Patti P.S. I attached a couple more pics of Ben, the one is Christmas morn when Santa brought Ben and Madelyn met him for the first time and the other is at my parents cabin, he is a cuddler

(Ben, owned by Madelyn)

Rocking K's Southern Comfort ("Rocky"), owned by Ruth
"Beau" owned by Debbie

Tracy wrote about Gus:


Gus is doing great. He was so tired on Saturday night that he slept 7 hours in his kennel without having to go to the bathroom. Of course when he got out in the morning, he really had to go.

Our cats have adjusted pretty well already. They let him follow them around, but not too close. When he is sleeping, they creep up and smell him then run off. It's pretty funny.

Thanks again,

Maggie, Marley, and Molly, owned by the Harden's

Joyce wrote about Oliver:

Hi Regina, I'm just emailing to say Happy Easter and send some pictures of Oliver. Hes the best dog I could have ever imagined having. I finally got a great picture of his blue eye yesterday coming home from the groomer and I thought you'd enjoy seeing it. I hope you and your family are doing well and have a successful 2010.

Best wishes from Joyce and Oliver

Marie-Kim, owned by Sophia
Tater and Abu, owned by the Mize family
Zing, owned by the Lamb family

Abu, lookin' out the car window (owned by the Mize family)
Zing, owned by the Lamb family, Tallahassee, Florida

Gloria wrote about JellyBean:

Hi, Regina,

Thought you might enjoy this photo of JellyBean ready for Valentine's Day 2010.
I attached a photo of her from last year when she was just 4 months old, and now she is 16 months old. Still a beauty, still so sweet, still a perfect little girl and full of love.

Hope all is well with you and yours.
Gloria & JellyBean

Jackie and John wrote about Molly, Marley, and Maggie:

Hi Regina,
The kids are adjusting nicely. They are eating and growing. They just spent the last four


hours playing in my kitchen and breakfast room. They play together so nicely. John and I couldn't be happier. In fact ashamedly I said they might even be better than our Moby and Misha. They are PERFECT little angels. You can be proud of them.

Jackie and John

Molly, Marley, and Maggie, owned by the Harden's

Denise wrote about Lexie:

Hey Regina,

Happy 1st Birthday to Lexie....I cannot believe that she is already a year old. I love her so much and she is such a good girl..demanding of attention...of course..and she gets it! We have so much fun with her and she is so funny...she loves to lay directly on my shoulder..like a parrot...you know that is where she used to lay when she was so tiny and we were having to bottle feed her...remember! I saw the new babies...what beauties...hopefully we will be visiting the area soon before the new babies are gone.. I would love to see them and I know you want to see Lexie...I think of Sunni sometimes and it makes me so sad for Erlene..I hope that she is doing okay...I have sent new pictures of Lexie..they were taken today Feb 11, 2010...Her birthday...Thank you for my sweet baby girl...See ya soon!

Anna wrote about Javi,

My boy is great!! Javi is a constant source of humor and joy in my house...and sometimes my family fights over who will get to baby sit him sometimes haha. I attached a picture of him! He is so so sweet.


Debbie wrote about Cooper

Regina - I thought I'd send you a few pictures of Cooper. Alias - Sunny. Cooper is such a great dog. He's got a great personality. Very fiesty and active but very loving. He's great with kids and loves other dogs. Cooper has been a real joy to have around. Everyone loves Cooper.
Thank you for letting us have him".


Moka in Stocking... Too cute for words

(owned by Lynn, Washington)

Denise wrote about Lexie,

Hey Regina,

I hope that you and your family are doing well.. I can only guess that you are busy getting ready for the holidays like most of us. I am sending you new pictures of Lexie. I am enjoying her so much. She is now 10 months old. She has become quite the little diva I must say...a real princess! But I love her and could not imagine life without her! I suppose you had something to do with her being so spoiled too! All those middle of the night, bottle feedings. How can I ever thank you for doing that? That is what gave my little girl her chance! Enjoy the new pictures and I will try to take more as the holidays get closer..she look so cute in her sweater and red bow...Take care..Love Denise

Gloria wrote about JellyBean,

Hi, Regina,

Before the really hectic days of the Christmas Season are upon us, I just wanted to send you a photo of JellyBean.

She is just precious and I thank you each day for bringing this gorgeous bundle of love into our family. Her disposition is as sweet as her name, tolerant of my grandbabies, and an example of what we as people should be...loving, gentle, caring and forgiving.

So as we enter this Holy Season, may your Christmas be blessed and His peace be with you and your loved ones.

Gloria & JellyBean

Susan wrote about Kobe,

"He really is our shining star! I can't tell you the joy he has brought back into our home! Many blessings this holiday season to you and your family!!!!!!"


Merry Christmas, from Layla

Susan wrote about Kobe,

Dear Regina,

It is coming up on one year on 12/16/09 that Kobe was born. He continues to be our shinging light filling our days with laughter and joy! Thanks for all that you do!

Love, Susan and Kobe

Vicky wrote about her Sleepy Girl,

Waking up to pictures is no fun

Donna wrote about Layla,

"Layla is a growing girl. I could not have picked a sweeter baby. We traveled about most of today doing errands, and she enjoyed that (loves riding in her carseat!).
Hope you and your family have a happy Thanksgiving." Donna

Gloria updated on JellyBean,

I thought you might like this photo too. My Batman (actually, Grandson Joey) loves Jelly and she is always kissing him, even with his costume on!


Gloria wrote about JellyBean,

Hi, Regina,

Thought I would drop a note to say hi, and give you an update of my little JellyBean who is now 13 months old! I cannot believe that so much time has flown by.

Jelly is doing great, loved by the whole family and gives so much loving back to all. Yesterday she went trick or treating with my grandbabies. JellyBean's costume was an angel, which is perfect for her. The stark white costume was perfect against her totally black hair.

I keep saying that one day I would love to bring her by your place so you can see her. I can't thank you enough for giving our family this absolutely perfect little girl.

I'll keep in touch.

Proudy, owned by Anne

Layla, owned by Donna
Michelle wrote about Kobi,


Just wanted to send you an updated picture of Kobi Wood! These were taken in June and August (2009). He is 1 ½ now and has held steady at 10.2 pounds and continues to bring us all such joy! He is especially Moma’s (my) sweet boy! But we all love him to pieces. He is built just like Zoe with his short little legs and we laugh at the difference when we put him beside Ming Rodgers with his long legs. Ming tolerates Kobi, but has still not decided to be best friends! I still look at your site from time to time and it just melts my heart to see the new puppies!

Many thanks for the joy your passion for these babies brings to others! Hope all is well. Happy Fall!


Jamila wrote about Carter,

Hi Mrs.Kitchens,

Today is Carter's birthday, he is one years old! He is doing wonderful, sooo full of energy! He still has his cute little puppy face, which i hope he never grows out of! We didn't do anything special today, but I let him eat a little bit of people food today (which is very rare). Thanks again for him, I LOVE him so much!!!!

Donna wrote about Layla,

Just a couple of pictures that I took of Layla a few minutes ago. She weighs 6 pounds now and is such a delight. Loves to play ball!


Karen wrote about Bandit:

Hello Regina!

I have thought about emailing you a thousand times. Bandit is doing wonderful and he and Bud are the best of friends. I knew he would be a wonderful companion and he is so loving and fun! I hope you are doing well and enjoy the photos. I will be wanting another puppy next year some time. I have not figured out his name yet and Bandit needs another play buddy! take care and thanks so much for my beautiful boy!


Moka at 16 weeks

(owned by Lynn, Washington [Use photos47, 50, 54)...

Gloria wrote about JelleyBean:

Hi, Regina!

It has been a while since I updated you about my little JellyBean, who just turned 11 months old.

She is just perfect. She took her first excursion with us. A three day car ride up to Maine, vacationed for one week, and a three day car ride home. She learned that putting on the leash meant a rest stop where she could smell lots of smells, get petted by lots of kids (who she loves), and meet lots of other dogs (who all became her friends).
She knows and listens to her commands of come, sit, stay, down, don't touch, take it, drop it, up and paw.
I have learned from this trip that she needs to learn "look at me" and "be quiet," so we will start working on those. She is a smart little girl.

She has stayed practically totally black. She has some gold hairs on her muzzle, and some grey hairs on her rear and tail. She now weighs a healthy 13 pounds!!!

Everywhere we go, people admire her pretty face and perfect temperment.
As always, I thank you for bringing this furry bundle of love into our lives.

Here are some photos of JellyBean on vacation.
Stay in touch,

Sweet little "Moka", only 2.9 pounds at 11 weeks, owned by Lynn, in WASHINGTON.

Jane wrote about Mr Big & Fergie:

Hi Regina,
Mr Big is everything you thought he would be, perfect everything, (Perfect rear angulation and tail set, symmetricial markings, etc), plus he has a wonderful personality! He cannot get enough playtime and attention from people or dogs. Everybody, strangers and friends, comment on how beautiful he is and his personality. I could go on and on. I am emailing you so you can call Bill and I at your convenience.

My sister Janice and her husband, Jim are "over the moon" with Fergie! How they have enjoyed her and loved her. She is a ticket. She and Mr Big play until they collapse. They just got Fergie spayed a couple of weeks ago--- .
Fergie and Mr. Big (owned by Janice and Jane)

Lari wrote about Dawson:

Hi Regina:)

Dawson and I do have a bond, he follows me everywhere. I gave him a kiss for you here is a photo of Dawson. I'm Bless to have found such a reputable breeder:) when ask where did I find Dawson and I share that info. some people tell me owe yes i know of Regina.:)

Again thanks:)

Roxie watching TV, owned by the Summerfields

Lilly, owned by the DeBackers

It's me Lilly, and I'm in Florida again. Boy is it hot, too hot for me! I like a/c and naps
Since I'm not allowed to fall in the pool anymore and I don't do such a good job swimming, I found a new way to cool off! And I don't even have to swim!
We are going to the beach next, it is really going to be hot there.
I hope I don't get sunburned.

Love you

Tater Tot and Abu, owned by the Mize family

Audrey wrote about Mercy:

Hey there

I just wanted to give you an update on Mercy. She is fitting in to our family so well. The girls love her. She is growing so fast. The first two pics were before her first hair cut. I wasn't overly thrilled with the way they cut it but it's ok. She is very fiesty. She lets us know quick what she does and doesn't like. We started training with her on Mon and she is picking things up very quickly. She is doing well with potty-training. You did such a good job with her that she slept through the night from the very beginning! We take her just about everywhere with us. She is ALWAYS the conversation piece. Everyone loves her. We met some folks in Woodstock at a parade that saw her and after we talked we found out that they had a dog that was bred with one of yours. They just loved her coloring. We are absolutely over the moon in love with her.

Thank you so much and please let us know when you have puppies again.

Mercy, owned by the Browns

Donna wrote about Layla:

Just a few pictures that I took of Layla this morning. She is such a joy! We took her to Destin last Saturday and did she love it! She was the absolute center of attention. She is so very special to us. I'll send pictures along. Thanks again for the beaurtiful pup!



Elvis, owned by the Riordan family

Denise wrote about Lexie:

Hey..I hope you are having a wonderful summer...I know that school goes back in session pretty soon. Just thought I would let you know how Miss Alexis Belle (Lexie) is doing these days... She is wonderful! She was weighed in at the vets on Friday at 6 lbs and 11 oz. And she is only 5 1/2 months. Her vet said she is very healthy. Lexie was spayed on Friday and I insisted they do pre-anesthesia blood work. Every thing check out great. She is recovering very well. She will go back on Saturday and have her stitches removed. Do you remember when we didn't think she would weigh more than 6 lbs at full maturity. She probably won't get to much bigger than 8 pounds. She is so smart. I have taught her to roll over and she is so cute,,,such a big personality, that if she wants a treat, she will come over to you and get your attention and roll over without a command....I have attached a few pictures of her...I got her trimmed up last week because of her surgery. She is still very fluffly and adorable...A true mommie's girl...Have you heard of how her littermates are doing? I hope they all are good! I would love to see pictures...I promise we will visit soon!

This is Lexie, owned by Denise

Lilly wrote:




Audrey wrote about Mercy:

Here are some pictures of Mercy. She is doing very well. She's
sleeping good at night. Getting the hang of going potty outside.
Getting TONS of attention. Thanks so much!! My husband said this is
just the beginning of shih tzu love for us. He already wants another
one. :)

Denise wrote about Lexie:

Hey Regina,

How are you? We are great! Lexie finished up with her puppy shots on Tuesday and weighed in at a whopping 4lbs 11oz.! The vet said she will probably weigh in between 6 -7 maybe 8 pounds at full maturity! We are now crate training and she is doing really good. It was a difficult start, but she finally has got it! She still will use the puppy pad, if I am busy and don't catch her in time, which that is my fault. We started our puppy classes last week and she was the hit of the local Petsmart, so many compliments on her beautiful face! Her puppy coat is so pretty, so I can only imagine what her adult coat will become, I am going to try to let her grow out as long as I can, she is not a real big fan of getting brushed, but we manage. She has been to the groomers a couple of times for a bath and clipping her backside, nails and face...and I have bathed her a couple of times because she face gets so dirty. She is eating really well now, I am still mixing canned food (Science Diet) with her Pedigree dry with a smidge of water, she loves it! We started teaching her tricks! She sits, down and roll over ! Lexie is really smart! I have attached a few pictures of her so you can see how beautiful she is! They are not the best, but she is not still long enough to get a really good shot,,these are miracle pictures to say the least! Have you heard from her littermates,,,I hope they alll are good as she is! She is such a joy...I haven't registered her yet, I can't decide on her full registry name...We will visit soon!

Gloria wrote about JellyBean:

Hi, Regina!

I know that you must be so busy with three litters of beautiful puppies to care for. Our JellyBean just turned 8 months, and I always appreciate the fantastic job you did of socializing her when she was first born. It has made her a wonderfully, happy addition to our family.
Cont'd to right...

On Friday, her birthday, I took her into the groomer. I knew in my heart that with her luxurious black coat and the hot weather approaching, she needed to be cut back. I had a hard time giving up that long hair, so the groomer was patient with me and we came up with a compromise which I just love. I thought you might like to see the gorgeous puppy you created.

Thanks again and again,

Janet wrote about Thelma Lou:

Just wanted to send you a picture of Thelma Lou and let you know she is doing great!!!

Thelma Lou, owned by Janet

The Nuqui family wrote about Princess Sadee:

Hi Regina ,

Sorry, for not emailing a lot sooner but we had computer problems…We love Princess Sadee so much, she is the most adorable girl…we are potty training and she is doing so wonderful, such a good girl…the boys are so excited when they get home from school, they both just want to give her big hugs and kisses…..

When we went to the vet, they just fell in love with her. Everyone said she is the most beautiful Shih Tzu they have ever seen…
She just had her shots & the vet said she is a healthy little girl…J
Cont'd to right...

How are your new babies doing? They look so adorable.

We will continue keeping in touch & sending pictures of Princess Sadee. We want to thank you again a beautiful healthy puppy girl….

Here are some pictures of her…

The Nuqui Family

"Tiki", owned by Robbin

Jeanie wrote about Molly:

Hi Regina,
Just a note to let you know that Molly is great. She is growing and doing so well. She is learning to walk on a lead which has improved a bunch since the first try! All she wanted to do the first time was lie down! She is starting to recognize phrases like: "let's go potty", "are you hungry?", and "no bite". I think she could turn into Maybelline in an instant! She loves to nip at toes, feet, fingers, chins, noses...anything!
Our potty habits are spotty so far. She might be a little young to "get it" just yet, but I imagine I am the problem. I don't keep her in her crate nearly enough. She is such  Cont'd to right....

a love. It seems a waste for her to be in there! She doesn't soil her crate at night though. I take her out around 12:30 - 1:00 a.m. and then around 6:30 in the a.m., so she is able to "hold it" when necessary. I'm sure there's a lesson in there for me!
She is doing much better at night. The 2nd night she was home was awful. I had her in her crate beside our bed. But I moved her downstairs, out of sight from us. She hardly wimpers at all now, maybe for 10 seconds. She does spend a little time in her crate during the day, some in the a.m. and some in the afternoon and evening. She still likes to sleep a good bit.
I have attached last week's pictures. As you'll see, she is beautiful. I can't wait for the hair around her nose to grow so it will lie down so her eyes will show.
I hope you're doing well. How are all of your litters?
Faith is not believing that God can. It is knowing that God will.

Julie wrote about Cosmo:

Cosmo just celebrated his 1st birthday a couple of weeks ago – I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Below is a picture from his party getting ready to blow out his candle on his Frosty Paws ice cream!! Hope is well with you. Take care.


Averyanna wrote about Ava:

Just wanted you to know ava is doing great she is eating a sleeping well. we love her so much!! I will keep you updated. thanks again.
Ava, owned by Averyanna

"Snickers", owned by AMY



Michel wrote about Romeo:

Hi Regina,

Just an email to update you on Romeo. He is doing fine... He did exceptionally well in Tampa; terrorizing the other dogs in my family. I have a brother with an adult lab and a puppy yorkie terrier and a brother with a puppy silky terrier; a girlfriend with
(Continued to Right)

an adult yorkie. We had a "doggie social" where we met at one of my brother's house w/ a large back yard. Romeo, run after all the dogs, even the lab. Romeo was loved by everybody, they all like his spirit. He had a ball. He has grown a little, he goes tomorrow for his shots...

Thanks again for Romeo!!

"Roxy", owned by Kim

Denise said about Lexie:

Hey there!

Sorry I haven't emailed lately. I have been so busy! I clearly don't know how you do it! Lexie is a handful! She is growing so much...she is eating pretty good, more in the afternoon and really good at dinner. Breakfast. not too much. I had bought her a collar and it was too big so I had to wait till she grew some. I put it on her today. she does not like it right now, but she will get use to it. We started some training with her tonite..little things like COME and LOOK AT ME. She did real good for her first time. We will keep practicing every day now. Something new each week. Are you still wetting Sunni's food? I am with Lexie, but I think I may stop in a week. I leave dry kibble for her everyday in her exercise pen...She has adjusted real well, with our work schedule. I come home everyday at lunch and feed her and play. She is really chewing and nipping a lot...I know that it is teething. but she is stubborn. We tell her NO BITE and she actually fusses with us...so vocal...The pee pad training is good... or two. (Cont'd to Right)

She has had a few misses and a couple accidents. In about a month we will move to crate training. We took her outside today and she loved it. When we came back into the house, she stood at the storm door and cried to go back out, but we started playing with her toys and she forgot all about it. I will try to take new pictures of her this weekend. if she will be still long enough! She is a love bug and I am so happy to have her.

Talk to you soon...Denise    


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Julie wrote about Lucy:


Oh my goodness....it is so good to see all of your beautiful puppies and to hear about how you are doing. I noticed that Ju Li was already a champion. Is that the same Ju Li that is Lucy's sister (Tia's babies)--they are almost 2 years old?

Lucy is such a sweet, loving dog. We absolutely love her!! She loves being around (Cont'd to Right)

people and is sure to give everyone a healthy dose of kisses when they stop by! Everyone that meets her comments on her temperament and her eyelashes!! She is so pretty.

I found out about your kennel on the internet and I knew when we stopped by to meet you, that you were certain to be our breeder. A friend of ours just got two puppies...makes me think Lucy might need a friend. I will keep you posted on that.

Thanks for caring so much about your shih tzu's. We love our Lucy.


Abby wrote about Beans:

Hi Regina,
I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of our Beans. He is from one of Marilyn and Newt's litters from last spring, and he just turned one year old a few weeks ago. He is such a sweet, good natured dog, and he's almost too smart! He is also absolutely beautiful! Everywhere we go, people ask us if they can breed their Shih Tzus with him! Our groomer has even said we should consider getting him certified to work as a therapy dog, because of his even temper and sweet personality, so that he can visit with people in nursing homes and children's hospitals. I just wanted to send you some pictures so you could see what a handsome guy he has turned out to be. We is a very important member of our family, and we love him so much! Thanks Regina--hope everyone is doing well at your house!


Gloria wrote about Jelly Bean:

Good morning, Regina,

It has been a while since I sent any photos of my precious little JellyBean, who is doing beautifully. She was spayed at the end of March and did really well. My little porko now weighs 11 pounds!! and is just a ball of joy and happiness. She loves everyone and everyone loves her, which brings me to the purpose of this email.

Whenever I walk Jelly, all the kids on the street come running to pet her and get some Jelly kisses.
Here is a photo of JellyBean at 7 months old.

Stay well,

Susan wrote about Kobe:

Kobe is filled with energy as he is approaching his 4 month birthday! We go to the park and he loves exploring! He is filled with confidence and very self-assured. His current weight is 9 lbs. Loves his toys and sleeping in bed with us. He is always exploring and never has a dull moment. I will send the latest photo this weekend. His is gorgeous! Thank you for blessing me with this bundle of joy!!!!


Picture: Kobe on Easter Sunday! He is a real love bug!! Thanks for this bundle of joy!!

Darlene wrote about Harley:

Here is a couple pictures of our Harley since he is 61/2 months old now. He is a pure joy to Joe, myself and our family, he is so smart and so well behaved. When we took him to the groomer for the first time I was a nervous wreck to say the least, he 

Harley was such a bundle of fur and knew he needed cut and the weather was making him so hot, so it was time, but when my grand-daughters and I (both are 3) went to pickup I was so excited to see him and the girls looked and me and both said "Nena wheres Harley, and I told them right here and they were like that's not Harley Nena, so I bent down and they talked to him and he was so excited to see us, and they both just giggled it was so cute." He is such a spoiled little baby and with his hair cut he looks like a little puppy all over again. Just wanted you to know that he is a pure bundle of energy and he brings so much joy to all of us!


Anne wrote about Proudy:



Dondrea wrote about Brinks:

Hi Regina,

Hope all is well with you and your family. Just wanted to send you an updated photo of Brinks. He's now 2 1/2 years old. It doesn't seem like it's been that long since we picked him up from your home. :-) And he's still as sweet as the first day we brought him home.


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Kim wrote about Roxie:

It has been a while since I contacted you. I cannot believe we have had our little Roxie for a year. She is just a joy to have, and I cannot believe how much personality she has. My husband, who was once only a big dog lover, said we will never have another type of dog. She loves us to death and will take turns going from one to the other giving us kisses. She sleeps with my daughter every night and when it starts getting late or her bed time she comes up to Katlyn and wants to be picked up just like a child. It is so sweet. Every evening when my husband gets home and every morning before he goes to work she runs up to him and expects him to pick her up so she can kiss his neck good morning or welcome home. We have had a lot of animals, but I have never seen anything like her before. Our Sheltie has always been sweat as well but nothing compared to Roxie.
Roxie also still likes her toys, and I spoil her with new ones quite often. We keep her toys in a basket behind a recliner located in our living room and she will go and get them one by one and place them in a circle around her in the living room. She loves the real small ones that have squeakers in them and will run around the room squeaking them. If I knew they would all be like Roxie i would want a house full! Do your dogs bark much? We have had friends with Shih Tzu that have said theirs bark a lot but I have only known Roxie to bark maybe a couple of times. She whines sometimes when 5:00 rolls around and we do not pay attention to the time and she thinks we are going to miss her feeding time, but that is about it.


Lexie, owned by Denise

Anna Beth wrote about Javi:

Hi Regina,

Javi is doing fantastic! He is the best dog in the entire world! I'll attach a current picture of him! Can you please send pictures of the new puppies??
Thank you!
Anna Beth

 "Joie", owned by Beverly
No Picture

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Beth, owner of "Obie" wrote:

Oh Regina! How precious! The way you have your payment plan set up makes it easy-with 2 payments-time in-between! I know someday I will get another precious baby from you. I love the way you raise your babies and how honest and ethical you are as a person...a FRIEND!
Have a good evening!

Nadine wrote about Journey:

Good morning Regina,
      The computer is now working and I was able to download some recent pictures of our "Island Boy" JOURNEY. He is growing beautifully and he is becoming a man. Everyone loves him including my mom who at first didn't like the idea of living with a dog inside of the house. 
     Journey is still drinking from his bottle, but I think he is out growing his bottle because it has to be filled everyday. I took him for his last shots a week and a half ago and his rabies shot, so he does not have to go back for shots until next year. He didn't even know he got pricked with the needles. He took them like the man he is growing up to be.
      We love him so much. It is very easy for us to spoil him, but I am not allowing that to happen too much. He still plays with his teddy bear, towel, and his teething ring the you gave him. He loves to play tug or war with his towel and blanket. I think he loves it more when he gets to go outside to play in the grass that is outside. He loves to chase leaves and put them in his mouth. Oh, and he loves to chase us around the house or when he is outside in the grass.
     Anyway Regina, I will try and forward you pictures are much as possible when I can. I have a new yahoo number that I just purchased last night as the other one had problems.
     Take care and we hope to hear from you.
"Journey" lives in Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Pictured to right: Journey & Riiyha
More photos below:

Journey Drinking Water

Journey Chasing a Leaf

Journey Caught a Leaf

Journey and His Leaf

Journey Playing with a bottle

Journey Relaxing

Journey 7 Wks. Sleeping

Journey 14 wks in Bed
Journey Posing

Journey Smiling for the Camera

Mary wrote about Bogie:

Bogey took his Good Citizenship Test yesterday and passed with flying colors. I have attached a picture of the entire class. He was the only shih tzu. He is starting his therapy classes next week. I think he will just love that. They think he will probably be working with children since he is young and full of pep. He is still quite a people dog. He is now 15 mo. old and the love of my life. He makes me laugh every day.

Last Saturday he did an obedience show and did all of his tricks and his obedience training. He was working with dogs who already had the therapy training. He really held his own.

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Gloria wrote about Jelly Bean:

Hi, Regina!

Jelly had her first big girl's haircut on Friday. She looks adorable and now I can see her eyes!

She is doing really well and is a joy to the whole family. I can see some of her father's, Ryder, coloring peeking through her black topcoat. She has an absolutely beautiful face, with the tiniest nose and perfectly spaced eyes.

Here is a photo of her new "do."


Cindy wrote about Meili:

Meili is one year old today!

Cindy Peterson

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Gloria wrote about Jelly:

Hi, Regina,

Jelly is learning to pose for the camera. Here are some photos from this morning.

She is growing beautifully, and is just a bundle of love, kisses and fun.
Thank you for bringing this happiness to our family.


Debra wrote about Tashi:

Dear Regina,

Tashi is the most adorable, bright, happy pups. I am thoroughly enjoying her little playful self. She has learned to climb steps, go down steps, sit (kind of), and she thoroughly enjoys the company of other small dogs of my friends. I did switch her from Pedigree to cooking for her all organic foods. She also gets an all organic supplement. She is doing well with this menu so far.

Jose is in the yard maintenance and design work. He works for me and has found Tashi to be a perfect kind of pet for his daughter who is 12, I believe. Her birthday is coming up in June. He asked me to find out from you if you are planning a litter for that time.

Hope all is well with you, your family, and all your pups.



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Patti wrote about Benji:

Hi Regina,

Thought you would like to see Benji's 1st snow adventure, believe me it was quick!
Take care,
Betty and Dave wrote about Abigail:

Attached pics were taken on 3/8/09 during a neighborhood dog/people walk event
for animal welfare charity.

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David wrote about Lily:
We will be leaving Miami Sat am to Tifton Ga
looks like we will try for quick meet on Sunday if okay
then we are off to Lexington, Key then home Monday
hope to see you soon
Lilly hates the Keys
too boring for her - sun, pool, no snow
Beth wrote about Obie:

Hi Regina!

It's me! Beth-Obie's mom! I apologize for letting so much time go by without touching base with you and letting you know how much we love our boy Obie. What a joy he is!! He and Chewy have totally bonded and love each other so much! Chewy turned 8 Nov. 29 and LOVES to romp and play with his "brother" Obie! Obie will be 2 March 24-hard to believe this much time has passed by! I always check your website to see your new babies and today is no exception - my heart just is filled joy looking at Newt's and Maybelline's new litter! Oh how I would LOVE to have one! I can not tell you how many people I have recommended you to for sweet Shih Tzu! One thing for sure-we ALL love Obie so very much and are so appreciative of you Regina for your precious way you raise your babies! the boys adore Obie and Chewy and help take great care of them. Obie and Chewy walk 2-3miles with me every day! It is no accident I found you! God has His hand on everything! As I said before-you are a sweet blessing to me! I gotta run!

Take care!

no picture

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Gloria wrote about Jelly Bean:

Hi, Regina,

Today is a rainy day, so poor JellyBean is the object of my boredom. Not only does she now have pigtails, but has been subjected to my photos.

When she came home at eight weeks old, she weighed two pounds. Now that she is nearly six months old, she weighs about 8.8 pounds.

She is a sweet, little dog and we all adore her. Happy Easter from Jelly and me.

Patti wrote about Benji:

Hi Regina,

I just couldn't help but letting you see how Benji and I are sleeping together these days,
sound asleep on our backs....haha! I just love him to death!
Thanks so much, I'll send more as I can.

Take care,

Patti wrote about Benji:

Just wanted to let you know that I have purchased the love of my life. I've named him Benji and he is so sweet and has so much personality already, thanks so much!

Gloria wrote about Jelly Bean:

Hi, Regina,

Next week JellyBean will be five months old. She is the absolute sweetest little puppy and growing beautifully. My grandkids were with me for a whole week, and Jelly followed them everywhere, constantly wagging her tail and giving kisses.
My four year old granddaughter helped me groom her...photo attached.
Jelly goes to the groomer for her first professional grooming at the end of the week. I'll send another photo then.
I'll stay in touch.



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Susan wrote about Coby:

Coby says Hi and weighed 4.9 lbs. today at the vet. He had his 2nd set of shots and is healthy as a horse. Thanks for this little lovebug!!!!!

Thank you.


Susan wrote about Coby:

Coby had an uneventful ride to Atlanta. He is amazing! He immediately ran over to his new bed and started chewing on his Nyla bone teething toy! He ate a great dinner at 6pm, drank from his water bottle and hurried back to his cozy bed where he is cuddling with the new blanket with all the scents of his sisters and brothers.  My husband fell in love with him. He follows me into the kitchen when I call him by name and pee pees on his pad. . You have blessed this home with a a little lovebug.

Thank you. Susan

Gloria wrote about Jelly Bean:

Hi Regina,

Jelly went for her vet checkup last week. She weighs 5 pounds!! Vet says she is a picture of health.

Although still not house trained as yet, we are getting better each day. Here is a photo of her new hairdo with TWO barrettes. We'll see how long they stay in her hair.

I still am not sure she will stay black though. She has some red (?) roots showing all over her body, but then it Still sweet and beautiful.

Here is her cute little face.

Holly wrote about PJ:


lots of Love  

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Journey owned by Nadine:

This is our island puppy, "Journey", owned by Nadine. Journey resides on the island of Tortola, British Virgin Islands... he was named "Journey" for the plane and boat ride he had to take to get there! (Of course, he rode right in his momma's lap!)


The Knapps wrote about Cosmo:

Cosmo getting into the Christmas spirit and hanging his first ornament.....
Merry Christmas!!

The Knapps   (photos above)

Gloria wrote about Jelley Bean:

Good morning, Regina,

My son, his wife and my new 9 week old grandson came over yesterday for a visit. Jelly went running to the door to greet them. She is such a beautifully social little dog, wagging her tail all the time, and giving kisses to every face she can reach! You did a perfect job socializing her as a pup, and I thank you.

Her coat is getting longer and thicker, great for the cold weather we have been having. I have been teaching her to lay still and I "groom" her each day. She loves the attention and cooperates with me cleaning her eyes, trimming the hair around her paw pads, and letting me play with ribbons in her hair (which usually fall out after a little while).

She has already learned the commands of "come" and "sit." For a 10 week old, I am truly impressed!
Her toilet training is going along well too. She now goes outside and knows what is expected of her and does it.

Her are just a few pictures from yesterday.
Thank you again for this beautiful little black JellyBean.

Gloria wrote an update on Jelley Bean:

Good morning, Regina,

     It is just three days before Christmas, and I hope you and your family are all well. We all are good.
    JellyBean went in for her second rounds of puppy shots this past Friday, and got a great check up. She is now 3.4 pounds, and the doc says she looks really healthy.
While he was listening to her heart, she was busy kissing his head! She visits with everyone at the vets, kissing as she greets them all. She has learned that
(Continued to right)

when the doorbell rings at home, it means someone else is arriving for her to love and she runs to be the first there when the door opens.
She has learned to "come" and "sit." She also knows what she is supposed to do when she goes outside and is put in a certain spot. She still needs to learn what she is not supposed to do inside, but she is only three months old today.
     I groom her everyday, but still have not been able to get her barrette to stay in for longer than five minutes. Her hair is still too short. I noticed that she has some golden roots coming in. I wonder if she will stay totally black like her mommy, Cricket, or become like her gold like her daddy, Ryder. Time will tell. Either way, she is just adorable and a bundle of love.
    Here are a couple of photos of my little Jelly.
Merry Christmas to you and your family,
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Jamila wrote about Carter:

I love him...he definitely is a joy in my life and has been brightening my days lately.

Jamila and Carter

Jane and Bill wrote about Mr Big and sister Fergie:

Mr Big is the cutest and best puppy in the whole world...what a joy he is!!! I have been busy with work and with puppy duty, but wanted you to know how in love we are with our baby. Sister just moved 6 miles away, so we can play all the time. Mr Big and Fergie will wrestle and go after each other for 3 hours at a time...unbelievable! I will send a picture of them just collapsing in the middle of the kitchen.
More Later,
Happy Holidays, and have a Blessed Christmas with your family,
Jane and Bill
p.s. Fergie is much bigger than Mr Big


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Gloria wrote about Jelly Bean:

Hi, Regina,

I hope that all is well with you, your family and the new arrival of puppies.

Jelly is doing well. She is such a happy little dog, sweet and friendly. We go to the vet tomorrow for her last round of shots. I wonder what this little porko will weigh. Her appetite is good, that's for sure.

She learns commands really quickly. Now has learned come, sit, stay, take it, drop it. We still are working on her potty training. She knows to go outside, but still doesn't quite know not to go inside. She does go to the door sometimes, which is really good.

I still am not sure that she will remain totally black. I see some red roots all over her body, so maybe she will look like her daddy, Red Ryder, instead of Cricket. I don't know if that is possible though. In any case, she is just beautiful and we all love her to bits.

Here is her latest photo.
Take care,
Shonda wrote about Coco Puff:

Hello Regina,

I hope you and your family had a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I wanted to send you a picture of your Tiffany (my kids have named her CoCo). We just adore her. She has fit in very nicely with our family and we just love her. Matter of fact, I think she has gotten a little spoiled from all the attention!

May you and your family be blessed this new year and beyond.



Lilly wrote:





Fancy, owned and loved by Vicky



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Joyce wrote about Oliver:

Hi Regina,

Sorry it took so long to get some photos to you. Oliver is still so sweet. He's rambunctious but everyone who sees him falls in love. His new favorite thing to chew on is ears. As soon as some one picks him up he starts chewing on their ears, it doesn't even matter that he's never met them before. He's still small enough for people to forget he's there so I just got him a collar with a bell on it so no one accidently steps on him.



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Gloria wrote about Jelly Bean:

Hi, Regina,

I am waiting for my kids and their kids to arrive any minute now so I had a few minutes to groom JellyBean. I bought her a Christmas dress...I couldn't resist it. She is doing very well and is such a happy puppy. She has learned to climb up the steps from outside and loves running around the yard.

Thank you for JellyBean. She is a perfect early Christmas present, and is loved by my whole family.

Here are a couple of photos from this morning.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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