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Below are testimonials and photos from buyers and their families about my wonderful Shih Tzu puppies.


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Joyce wrote:






 Wow, I, am Six today! How time fly's. My favorite pass time is shopping and eating
 ( not necessarily in that order).

   Debbie wrote about Tia:







Sweet Baby Girl!

Amy wrote about Mia,






Regina, you gave us Mia a year and a week ago.  She is the most perfect, sweetest, most beautiful dog. And we love taking caring of her.



Tammie wrote about Maggie:









Thought you would enjoy this!

Diane wrote ahout Emma:










Just got Emma groomed today, and our groomer told me she has the best hair of any Shih Tzu that she grooms.  It's the excellent breeder!  Merry Christmas!


Click on the photo to be taken to the video...)

Pam Jordy's owner wrote:

He is definitely spoiled!......and he loves to scatter every toy all over the house.
Also......potty trained. For two days in a row he's barked at the door to go out.
Jordy is definitely the smartest Shih Tzu I've ever had!
Hope all is well with you and your babies.....

Hi Gang,
It's me Daisy, Maddie's little girl. I'm now 3 years old... Wow, how time fly's. I now have a new good friend, her name is Alley and we do everything together, sometimes she is a pest but most of the time we play together. Don't tell anyone but I had cake for my birthday! By till next year.

Carlotta owner of Maya wrote:

1 YEAR today, ONE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GOD's creations, GRATEFUL SWEETEST BLESSED BEING arrived on the planet. Born in a magic paradise in Georgia, and then found the best loving home could exist! That was a Rocking K ShihTzu girl and..yes, that's me!!!

This is Rocking K's Out On Bail (Maya), on her first birthday! She is loved and owned by actress Carlotta Montanari, of Beverly Hills, California

Sandra owner of Quincy wrote:

You must see these pictures, especially the last three. That is one tired puppy. Quincy has adjusted so well and is really a good boy. We are so in love. He is eating well and playing hard. Can you believe not a single accident on the floor and we don't believe in pee pads, just positive training. This afternoon he even stood at the door waiting for one of us to see him (not long of course)! He slept on his new daddy's chest last night. Thank you again for giving us the chance to love again.


Update on Quincy:

I hope you are not tired of hearing from me, but I love passing on compliments. Quincy had his third round of shots today and weighs 5.8 pounds, a picture of good health and good breeding according to Dr. Best. Funny thing, Quincy cried and whined when Dr. Best left the exam room! He loves everyone.
I then stopped by Designer Dog so Holly could see him. She has another "Regina dog" that she grooms and wanted your card - she thinks your puppies are wonderful. Quincy is a joy, very smart, and so loving. Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. SJ


Molly, owned by Vicky

Kim owner of Jenna Bear writes:

Jenna Bear at the Rotunda at the University of Virginia.

Pearl owner of Angel, writes:

Hi, I thought you might like to see a photo of Angel. She is a wonderful little girl, and now weighs 7lbs. and is doing great. She has been traveling with us all summer in our motor home. She has been in really good health and has learned several commands ie: sit, stay, and heal when we walk on the leash. Hope all is well with your family and pups, Hope to stop and see you when we go to Alabama in a few months. Pearl

JellyBean owned by Gloria
Joie, owned by Beverly

Frances, owner of Spar-Kee, writes:

Hi Regina,

I just couldn't resist sending this pic to you (made today). Tomorrow I'm going to trim her coat about two inches and it will be grown back out in time for the end of June Obedience and Rally Trial here in Savannah. She only needs one more qualifying run for her Beginner Novice Rally Title. If they have more than one obedience judge, she could possibly get her BN Obedience Title. She qualified to title in agility, except there was only one judge for all three days, and AKC requires at least two different judges for a title. Hope you are doing well and enjoying this spectacular weather!

MaryLou, owner of Dillon, writes:

Hi! I wanted you to see Dillon with us at Lake Tahoe. He loved the snow! Lots of laughs watching him play!!! He will be 6 months old tomorrow.
Hope you are doing well,
MaryLou, Mark and Dillon

David, owner of Mr Bentley, writes:

Mr. Bentley posing after grooming

Pam, owner of Jordy, writes

Yes, we do Regina.....it's hard to explain to other people who haven't experienced the joy of the Shih Tzu, just how special they are......As I said, Jordy is #5. I'm going to say this after day #1....he is the BEST, EASIEST, MOST WELL-ADJUSTED...of all of them. He got tired last night and actually went in his little crate himself. I shut the door, brought the crate in our room, and he slept till 5. I took him outside, he peed on his little fake grass pad, and I gave him lots of praise. He loves the praise and has gone outside every time we took him. No messes in the house yet. When we got back in he went back in the crate and slept till 7. I heard him playing with a squeaky toy.
I don't know what you do with your dogs (probably shower them with lots of attention and love from day one) but you have the magic formula for handing over great puppies!
Gary, who till he met Lambeau, was a big dog guy. He's now a Shih Tzu convert and Jordy has made him more of one. Thanks again for what you do. (it's taken me 1/2 hour to write this....can't stop watching and enjoying Jordy).
I'm glad you like your gifts. I thought you could use the picture frame to put in a pic. of your Norris.
Have a great weekend!

Diane wrote about Emma:

Can't believe she's 7 months old. She had her surgery 2 weeks ago and did great. She is just the sweetest little girl. Can't tell you how much we love her!

Rich wrote about Maggie:

Hey Regina,
Here is a picture of Maggie at 7 months. What a character and what a personality. We love her to death.


 Lizzie Grace, owned by the Causby's

Leslie wrote about Chloe:


Wanted to send you a picture of Chloe. I'm so attached to her and don't know what I would ever do without her now. She is so adorable, playful, funny, lovable, and mischievous all rolled into one little fur ball. She had her first haircut yesterday.

About Oscar:

Hello Regina!
I caught Oscar in the act yesterday! He was totally fascinated with the strings from Francesca's balloons!

By the way, do you cut all of your Shih Tzus during the summer months? I have a scheduled appt for Oscar tmrw. Is there a particular cut that you prefer or are all the cutting styles about the same?

Thanks always!

Caroline wrote about Ava:

This is one of the latest Ava pics....taken just before she began eating the
pine straw!!

Hello, Regina,
Hope all is well. I just wanted to share with you Oscar's latest pics. He is truly something else. I cannot tell you the amount of people that stop us to ask about him. (He goes just about everywhere with us!) I have referred your site to soooo many! They are simply amazed by him, his beauty, his,coat, his personality, etc. As you can see, as he gets older, he "bronzes" up. No longer jet black, with white markings, he's black w/ a bronze-like undercoat and a little white. He's beautiful!

My daughter asks how do we get Oscar's pics on your website so that others can see his beauty? I have some gorgeous pics of him since day one! I take pics of him @ least once per week! The only thing I've taken more pics of is my daughter!!!!!!!

Please enjoy pics!

Trici wrote about Corky:

Hi Regina,
I just wanted to send you a picture of Corky so that you can see how much he's grown. He turned 12 weeks old on Sunday. He has a appointment, with the vet on Thursday for his 3rd set of shots. I hope all is well with you.


Gloria wrote about JellyBean:

Since Ash Wednesday has begun the Lenten Season, JellyBean and I wanted to wish you and yours a Happy Easter. Poor little doggy is so accustomed to being primped and posed for my camera. Oh, and I bribe her with jelly beans, which she just loves to eat...tooo funny. She is such a perfect little dog, many thanks to you!

Happy Easter,
Gloria and JellyBean

Max and Jake, owned by the Dwyer's

Karen wrote about Bandit:

Hello Regina,

I have thought of you and meant to write you for months. I often check your website and look at the photos of your puppies. Bandit and I have been celebrating his birthday today with music cards, biscuits, a long walk and lots of hugs. His "brother" Bud passed away at the age of 15 this past February. He was becoming very ill and weak. I was on a cruise and my pet sitter had to take him to the vet. He survived two days but then was in pain. I had him cremated and he is always with us. Bandit blossomed amazingly. I think he likes being the only child. He is so loving and kind and has the happiest personality of any shih tzu I have known. He loves big hugs and to kiss my face. I should have named him Romeo! I love him dearly and he has made me happy and laugh more times than I can count. Thanks for such a wonderful son.

Just thought I would say hello and send you a few photos. I hope you are doing well.


Ruby, owned by Cheryl

Becky wrote about Pixie:

She seemed to like my youngest son's pillow pet this morning!
She is such a little turkey..................and so cute!


I have had a bath , smell so good and can't find a cute boyfriend.

Love you, lucy

Diane wrote about Emma:

Emma had her second grooming this morning. She is just so precious. Can't tell you how much we love her.

Dianne Holt

Chloe, owned by the Bryant's
"King of the House" (Shaw family)
Ethan and his 'smiling' puppy:)
Newest pics since her first beauty salon appt. on Thursday.
Ava, owned by Carolyn
Lizzie Grace, owned by Sandra

Gloria wrote about JellyBean:

Hi, Regina,

Another holiday and another photo of my JellyBean! She is now almost 2+1/2, is so very sweet, smart and beautiful. As you can tell, I am in love with her! She has brought many days of laughter and happiness into our home. So many people know her by name...at the hotel where we travel, at the vet's office where she kisses everyone, at the groomer where she prances her new hairdo, at Petco where she visits all the customers. She is wonderfully social and happy.
As always, thank you for my JellyBean!
Happy Valentine's Day,
Gloria & JellyBean

Miriam wrote about her Sophie:

Regina, I love my sweet girl! I know u will enjoy seeing her Christmas picture below.


Frances wrote about Spar-kee:

Hi Regina,

Spar-kee is two years old today and we still enjoy agility classes. Later in February we will have our "debut" in a trial here in Savannah!!!

Best wishes!


Patti wrote about Benji:

Hi Regina,

It's been awhile since I've contacted you and I hope you'll remember me and Benji. I live in Griffin, Ga.
Anyway her are two recent pics of Benji, one all fluffy and one where he just got groomed. Benji turned 2 on Jan 3rd.
Oh and could you add him to your sight?
He's my heart.

Much love,

PS..... and I forgot one with the pacifer.

Dianne wrote about Emma:

She just went to her first grooming. The groomer said she was so beautiful and very smart... Which could be a challenge!


Joyce wrote about Oliver:

Hi Regina!

Here are some photos of Oliver in the snow a few weeks ago. I've been getting so many compliments on how sweet and well behaved he is. We went to the vet for shots a few days ago and he's 9.4lbs and 100% healthy. I'm so glad that I got him 2 years ago.

Have a happy and safe 2011,
Joyce C

Carolyn wrote about Lucy:

Hi! We got home early evening. Lucy was a great traveler. My husband was running out the door to take lucy from me. They bonded instantly and now I am competing for time. Ha! My lacy was instantly wanting to play with lucy and lucy actedc as if they were good friends. Tried to get her to eat last night, but she decided to wait and eat very well this morning. I had boought her a new crate and blake attached the new water bottle harriet and I had picked up. Also got this unstuffed duck which she feel in love with. Wanted to let you see her playing with it. She loves the water bowl too!!! May take it away and put both babies on water bottles. I love that idea.

Regina, thank you so much for letting her go. We are going to have a ball with her!!! Will keep you updated on how she does and send pics.

I am so glad you sold a baby boy. All your pups new and alittle older are so beautiful.. take care and will talk with you soon! C


Craig wrote about Bubba:

OK -- He as already taken over the house!

Just a quick update:

He is a great rider -- didn't get sick,
Eating and drinking well,
Using the pee pad (almost all the time!)
Slept in his crate (beside our bed) all night without a fuss,
Playful and follows us around everywhere!

I can tell he is going to be very easy to train...

We are very happy with Bubba. I appreciate the time you spent with me on the phone and the time you spent teaching Kinath. I know that we made the right choice in coming to see you. Thanks for helping us out with the financials -- these are tough times and every little bit helps.

Thanks so much Regina, I respect and appreciate what you did for all of us (Bubba, Kinath & I).

If there is anything I can do for you guys -- don't hesitate to ask.


Francis wrote about the boys:

The dogs are growing and doing great. Happy New Year


You are invited to view achele price's photo album: Francesca's Oscar
Francesca's Oscar
Dec 24, 2010
by achele price
Here's a few pics of Oscar! We are loving him! He has adjusted like a big boy!
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Bridget wrote about Peaches:

Just wanted to send you some pictures of PEACHES. That is her new name. She is SO SPOILED.
She runs this house. She learned to go outside to potty very quickly. She now will bark when she needs to go out. She is crate trained for when we are not home or at night. She is doing great. She has grown so much.

She loves the snow and that is a good thing since we got snow the day after Christmas and have not had grass since then. She loves to play in it. We have snow deeper than she is and she will run thru it just bouncing. She is so cute.

She has more toys to play with and we bought her a bed for outside of the cage and she loves sleeping and playing in it. I will have to get a picture of her and send to you with her in it.

To say the least she has become the light of our house. I do not remember when she was not here. Thanks so much for having her for us. I now know why it took so long to make this work. I am glad that none of the other litters worked out. She was meant to be with us.
As you can see, my youngest cried her eyes out when she realized Santa had bought a puppy.


Gloria wrote about JellyBean:

Hi, Regina!

Christmas is fast approaching. JellyBean & I send our wishes to you and your family for a blessed Christmas!

JellyBean is now two years old, and a wonderful little girl. She brings so much joy and laughter into our family. Her personality is perfect, and she is absolutely beautiful (ok, so I may be a bit biased!)

I wonder if you were able to get anymore solid black puppies?

Merry Christmas and a healthy, Happy New Year.
Gloria & JellyBean

Gloria wrote more:

I keep telling myself that my one little black girl is perfect...but I always check your website to see if there are anymore girls around.
I'm glad that all the pups have homes. I'm sure they will bring happiness to their new parents. I still truly believe that you having them in the house with you, and
cont'd next frame

your whole family interacting with them, has produced such wonderful dispositions.
I cannot thank you enough...I think I must have told you that about a thousand times already

From Debbie:

Beau wishes you a very Merry Christmas!!!


 Pixie, owned by the White's
Melo, owned by the Brown's

Diane wrote about Emma:

Here's Emma on her first Christmas. She is just so precious. Everyone tells us how beautiful she is...her markings and her coat. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


 Luke, owned by Renee
Layla, owned by the Donna

Frances wrote about Spar-kee:

Hi Regina,

I always like to share pics of Spar-kee. She is 19 months old now -- and the star of her agility class. In February, 2011 we will be entering our first official "trial."

Hope you enjoy the pic!

Becky wrote:

Hey Regina!

This is how they nap most of the time! ha!

Just wanted to stay in touch! Pixie is such a good puppy!!! - Especially at night! Oh, my goodness! She is perfect! We were really NOT looking forward to nights again with a puppy b/c in the past - we have had to listen to the cry and whine and bark in their kennel!!! - and even take them out several times in the middle of the night. - NOT Pixie!!!! - We put her in her kennel b/t 10-11 at night and she crawls back to her soft cushion bed...........lays down......and sleeps ALL night! Silently!!! She is perfect! She usually makes it all night without pee peeing too! Sometimes there is pee on the pee pad that we have in the kennel, but not all the time! She is soooo good!!!!

Just wanted to say hi and let you know that she is perfect and we all have enjoyed her so much. She is very happy and well taken care of in our family!


Cara wrote about Penny and Amber:
I hope you and your family are well! We are doing fine up here in NC. A little cold, though!

Today we had our first snowfall, and I snapped some photos of Penny (Chang-O) and Amber playing in it. I thought you would like to see. :-) They are absolutely inseparable best buddies; I've never seen two dogs who were cuddlier, more playful with one another, and more devoted than they are! The boys were all "Oh, the yucky cold wet stuff is back!" and promptly fled back inside, so they aren't in the pictures, but everyone is getting along well now. You should see Amber and Cinnamon when they crawl up and perch in the back window of my car so they can bark at the bagboys at Ingles!

Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season!

Jake and Max, owned by the Dwyer family


Achele wrote about Oscar:

Hello Regina, how are you?
Needless to say, I have had my hands full!

We'd like you to see.....Oscar! We tried several names, and this one seems to truly fit him. He's not a grouch! Take a look at the attached pics...
My daughter (and I) have fallen completely in love with him! He has such a personality. Such a BOY! He's sweet and mischievous. And after the first day, he is eating up a storm! He barks at the bowl when his food is gone! He belches really loud after eating (my daughter rolls with laughter).

He's in a good routine after waking. We go out to potty, come in and eat. Play for a few minutes. Go back out to potty. Then he's ready for his morning nap. Repeat potty and play time. By this time it's dismissal time for Fran. We pick her up and I fed her and Oscar an afternoon "snack". She will go outside and play with him and allow him to potty. Then both of them come in and nap! And I repeat the early morning schedule. By this time, it's just about bed time!!!!! Yay!!!!!!
But...he has only peed inside 2 times (days ago). And he has not boo-booed at all inside!!!!!!! He's doing quite well!
We have a doctor's appt this week.

He has settled in quite well. The only time he cries is IN THE CAR! He has a true fit each time. And just like a baby, he gets worked up when he cries. And the funniest thing, he climbs onto your shoulder and settles on the back of your neck while in a car. It doesn't matter who has him, that's what he does! This is the only method that calms him down.

He loves to sleep near Francesca. She lights up each afternoon when she sees him in the car when I pick her up.

I just wanted to update you on Oscar's progress. I am the picture Queen, so I will be sending you more as time goes by.
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every day is a good day. Be a blessing.

Mitzi and Monji owned by the Allreds

Becky wrote about Pixie:

Here is Pixie with her new friend, Chicco! They LOVE to play!! We are all sooooo attached and can't keep our hands off our little Pixie!
They are so fun to watch play!

Rose and Lily wrote:


We went shooting with dad again last week. And camping and riding in the golf cart. And sometimes we just relaxed. We had fun Mom got mad because we got dirty, look at Roseís face


Rose and lilly

Ps Iím getting big rose
OUR AKC Names:
The Perfect Rose
Lilly the Perfect

Bella is owned by Marcella
Thank you so much for taking care of Quincy for me. Casey

Quincy and Katie

Katie Can't believe how big Quincy got since the last time she saw him.

Champion Juli, owned by the McQuade's

Champion Juli with her double decker jumbo bows... lol

Tracy Wrote about Gus:


Thought you would like a few pics of Gus. The first one is from about 4 weeks ago and the second one from last week. We get people who say how beautiful he is all the time. He loves going to the park because of all the people who want to stop and play with him. Gus just has the best personality.
I hope you are doing well!


Cathy wrote about Noah:

Hi Regina,

Just wanted to let you know that I took Noah to the vet yesterday and I had a different vet. There are 6 of them. This new one went crazy over him. She even went to the back to show the other vets... especially my regular vet who was in surgery how beautiful my baby is. She couldn't get over how snuggly he is too. He weighed 7.4 lbs at 4 months. Do you still think he will only get to 12lbs? I've been reading up on how to figure it out. He definitely is a snuggly bunny and so playful! He can't stand when I get out of his sight... just like my oldest yorkie.


Debbie wrote about Beau:


Thought you might want to see some new pics of Beau. I will try to send you a video with him as soon as I can download. I enjoy looking at all your new babie!!

Update about Lilly:

Some pics of our Lil Lilly. She is doing so well. She just had her stitches taken out from being spayed and got a puppy clip. So cute with her bows :) She brings a smile to our face each and every day.

Regina- Everytime we take her to PetSmart everyone asks about her. They always talk about her colors and how perfect they are. We proudly tell them she comes from Championship Lines from our breeder Regina Kitchens with Rocking K Shihtzu's.

Hope all are well.

Scott, Amy, Taylor, Lauryn and Lil Lilly

Beth wrote about Kylie and Lucy:

Hi Regina:

The girls are doing great !

Kylie has gone non-stop! She just wants to play, play, play! She did sleep good last night after a long day of exploring her new home. She has quickly become Declan's favorite because of her playfulness.

Lucy has been just the opposite. She has been chilling and relaxing. She is a cuddle-bug. She loves snuggling up in her new puppy bed, or just hanging out in our laps. Maybe she misses her mommy?

They were so funny this morning. They found Declan's helium-filled balloon, and played with it for a good while. The balloon is a few days old, so it has sunk low
(Cont'd Next Frame)

 enough for them to see it. Kylie grabbed the ribbon attached to it and took off. Lucy took off after her. When Kylie stopped, Lucy tackled her. Then Lucy grabbed the ribbon and took off. They had so much fun wrestling each other for it. I will need to make a video and send it to you.

Right now they are both napping. They have full bellies from their breakfast.

I do have a question...
How much water do they typically drink at this age? Neither one of them seems very interested in drinking it. They do take a sip here or there and they do have regular pee-pee's so I guess I shouldn't worry too much about it.

I will send you regular updates and photos.



Jamila wrote about Carter:

Hi Regina!
This is Carter at 2 years old! I can't believe he is 2 already!!! He is still very very playful. I remember when I came to pick him up he was very playful then lol! He is doing really good...I LOVE him SO much!!!


Joann wrote about Bentley:

Hi Regina,

Just wanted to update you on Bentley. I took him to the vet again yesterday for his second shot and worming. He weights 3.3 pounds now and getting cuter everyday. He always draws a crowd where ever we go.

My friend, Peggy, gave me a puppy shower last Thursday. She invited only 5 close friends and dog lovers and it was so cute. Bentley got lots of cute stuff and even a little Halloween outfit! I am going to try and attach you a picture of the shower. Notice the table with dog bowls with food in them. The sandwiches are cut into bone shapes. Peggy is so creative and loves to do things like that.

Hope your new puppy litter is doing good. You may even have another litter by now.

Hope the attachment works. I have trouble sometimes adding attachments with my Windstream e-mail.

Jo Ann

Jane wrote:


Thanks for a fabulous pup!!

Roswell, Ga

Denise wrote about Lexie:

Hello Regina...Hope you and your family are well...Just wanted to update you on Miss Lexie...She is wonderful! We have so much fun with her..she is quite the diva..but I knew that she would be...She has turned out to be such a wonderful companion..Ronnie travels with his job some now so we have plenty of "girl days" and she is so loving..Thank again for her...How is your furry family? I love looking at your all the pictures of new babies and would love to have another one..If I could only talk Ronnie into it! Lexie was really easy...she is so smart and has settle down a good bit..she has been a pretty playful puppy...can you believe she will be 2 in February..anyway I have attached a couple of pictures..Take care...Denise and Lexie

Molly, Marley, and Maggie... owned by the Hardens

Tracy wrote:
Things went great today. I think she's going to like it here.
Thanks again!

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